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Game Changers


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The five NAACP Game Changers below address the major areas of inequality facing African Americans that are the focus of the NAACP’s work: 

 – Economic Sustainability: Equal opportunity to achieve economic success, sustainability, and financial security.

 – Education: Free, high quality, equitably-funded, public pre-K and K-12 education followed by diverse opportunities for accessible, affordable vocational or university education.

 – Health: Equal access to affordable, high-quality health care, and racially disparate health outcomes will end.

–  Public Safety and Criminal Justice:  Disproportionate incarceration, racially motivated policing strategies, and racially biased, discriminatory, and mandatory minimum sentencing will end. Communities will be safer. The death penalty will be abolished.

–  Voting Rights and Political Representation:  Free, open, equal, and protected access to the vote and fair representation at all levels of the political process. African Americans will be proportionally elected to political office.

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