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State Conference Leadership

Iowa Nebraska NAACP Executive Officers & Committee

 2016 thru 17 NAACP State officers

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  • President: Betty C. Andrews, Des Moines
  • 1stVice President: Vera Kelly, Davenport
  • 2ndVice President: Vickie R. Young, Omaha
  • Secretary & National Board Member, Dedric Doolin, Cedar Rapids
  • Treasurer: Nick Peterson
  • Legal Redress: Russ Lovell & David, Des Moines
  • Education Chair: Larry Robertson, Davenport
  • Criminal Justice Chair: Ahmadu Baba Singhri, Des Moines
  • Health Chair: Jacquie Easley McGhee, Des Moines
  • Economic Development & Labor & Industries, Bev. Couch, Des Moines
  • Youth Advisor: Carolyn Johnson, Davenport
  • Youth President:


The Iowa- Nebraska NAACP State Area Conference of Branches was founded in represents over 30 branches of the association which include Adult Branches, Prison Branches, College Chapters and Youth Units.  The State Area Conference convenes quarterly meetings of all branches.


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