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The NAACP works to ensure our laws and policies are equally applied.  We use our power to help shape a government and community that is equitable for all.  Click here to keep up with us.

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The NAACP continues its pursuit of fairness, equality and justice for all on the local, state, national and global level using 21st-Century strategies and tactics. Find out more  about how our core values drive our work. 

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Membership is power! The NAACP is Ground Zero for Civil Rights and justice advocacy.  Join the NAACP today.  Click here to fortify the work by making a donation.

 Betty C. Andrews

 State Area President, Iowa-Nebraska NAACP 

Betty C. Andrews

Thank you for visiting the Iowa-Nebraska NAACP!  I'm honored to serve both states.  Recent times have shown us that  racism is like a weed needing to continually be plucked. The NAACP has more than a century of fighting for justice from the court house to the streets to the ballot box.   We invite you to join us as we continue the work of our those who came before us for the benefit of those who will come after us.  We stand on great and valiant shoulders. We are moving powerfully forward!

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"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." 

~Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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