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NAACP Success:

Voting for People with a Felony Record!

Criminal Justice Committee

Betty Andrews, Chair

Kevin Sanders, Co-Chair

Game Changer:  Public Safety & Criminal Justice

Equitable Dispensation of Justice for All!  Disproportionate incarceration, racially motivated policing strategies, and racially biased, discriminatory, and mandatory minimum sentencing will end. Incarceration will be greatly reduced and communities will be safer. The death penalty will be abolished at the state and federal level, as well as in the military. 


Goals:  Eliminate racial disparities and unfair treatment in the criminal justice system.  Address sentencing reform, over incarceration of African Americans, voting rights for formerly incarcerated, racial profiling, public safety, employment and education issues, school to prison pipeline, equity in jails and prisons, law enforcement practices, etc. and the impact of the systemic racist justice practices on Black well-being.

Our Work:

Anti-Racial Profiling

Sentencing Reform


411 On Five-O:  The Real World Guide to Interacting with Law Enforcement

Voting with a felony background

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