Covid Grantee Dashboard 

Thank you again for participating in our COVID. KNOW.MORE. grant program for barber and beauty shops.  If you received a link to this page it means you have been through our orientation, and are ready to start the program.  This dashboard will be your full service resource for the project.  We may update it from time to time so please come back regularly during the duration of the program.  

For your reference, our orientation PowerPoint is here.

Also please feel free to contact our State Health Chair Jacquie Easley McGhee if you have any questions.  She can be reached at or 515.418.3964. 


Forms & Resources

Grant Agreement (Must be completed before project starts)

W9 Form (Must be completed for payment)

Final Report Form (Coming Soon)

Orientation PowerPoint

NAACP Covid Know More Public Resource Page


November 29: 

  •  Grant application issued

  • Application and grant promotion begins

  • Targeted outreach begins

December 14:

  • Grant closes

Early January 

  • Awardees notified​

  • Orientations provided on 1/10 at 12:00 PM & 1/18 at 7:00 PM

  • Payment form & Grand MOU is complete

  • Payments Received

  • Individual check-in with grantees

  • Branded materials are delivered and displayed in shops

  • Owners to provide pictures of displayed information

  • Script/talking points are being followed

  • Begin weekly social shares (share ours with a personalized note or create your own)

January 31st & February 15th

  • Brief zoom check in or individual check in

March 20th

  • Grand report form due

  • Final payment issued after receipt of form

The NAACP and United Way reserve the right to change these timelines.

Weekly Social Media Share

Each week please post a social media post.  A list of ideas is included below. Each time 
please be sure to tag @Iowa-Nebraska NAACP State Area Conference of Branches. You will have to like the page to tag.  Also Use the following hashtags:  #CovidKnowMore #NAACP

Week 1:  Post the linked picture and tell why you are glad you are a part of the "Iowa-Nebraska NAACP Covid Know More Grant" and why it is important to the community.

Week 2:  Post a picture of your flyers hanging in your shop and Covid Station with a message encouraging people to get vaccinated.

Week 3:  Post a picture of you and share why you felt it important to be vaccinated.

Week 4: Post a statistic on Covid in the Black Community and provide the link to the NAACP Covid Resource page encouraging people to "Fight with Facts"

Week 5:  Post a picture of anyone you have helped get vaccinated and how it makes you feel.

Week 6:  Post the link to the Covid vaccine shot locator.

Week 7:  Post a picture from you or your shop and talk about how you appreciated being involved and we should see more of these efforts in the community.

Optional Bonus: Go Live to talk about why vaccination is important in the Black Community. Invite Jacquie to be your guest if you like. You could also record a customer saying how much she/he appreciated the information.

Covid. Know. More Iowa-Nebraska NAACP w UW.png

Talking Points and Customer Questions

These Questions and talking points are designed to be conversation starters for you and your customer.  Each customer should be asked about the subject of getting vaccinated.  They may already have gotten the shot but perhaps they need resources for their families.  We don't want you or your customers to feel pressured, but to be engaged as with any other conversation that might come up in your shop.  It should feel natural.  Your advice should be gentle and even if it is not long.  Each customer should ideally leave with an info card.

Have you received your Covid vaccine? 


(If Yes)  That's good. Why did you get it?  Have your family members gotten it?  If you need information, I'm working with the NAACP and have resources.  Let me give you this card.  (You might want to show them that they can also point their phone to a the QR code and visit our NAACP resource page.) 


(If no)  Why not?   This Covid is so scary for our community.  We've lost so many.  If you need information, I'm working with the NAACP and have resources.  Let me give you this card.  (You might want to show them that they can also point their phone to a the QR code and visit our NAACP resource page.)

Additional Points to make:

  • Also we are reminding people to continue to social distance and wear their masks.  

  • The shots are free.

  • Black folks are dying faster than anyone because of exposure and preexisting conditions

  • The NAACP's resource page has the following:

  • Information from our people (trusted messengers.)

  • A vaccine location finder

  • Information that separates the myths from the truth